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The Monster of Nix to see at the AVRO
Award winning animated musical Christmas Day on TV

AMSTERDAM - December 14, 2012

The 30-minute animated film The Monster of Nix is on Christmas Day broadcast by the AVRO. The surreal musical entertainment by Dutch artist / filmmaker Rosto was the last year for many international film festivals and was selected several times while in the price.

The Monster of Nix tells the exciting story of the ten maverick Willy. He goes on his own battle with the destructive forces of a sample Feasting in the village of Nix. The existentialist story and stunning animations make the film loved by young and old.

Animation Musical
Music is a crucial ingredient in all films Rosto. But The Monster of Nix is really driven by the music. The Metropole Orchestra, the American artrockers The Residents and the popular French indie band The Dø yielded musical contributions. The music was written by Rosto itself, was partly awarded to the leading French Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand.

Special votes cast
Rosto knew some notable names to snare the votes cast. So did the American musician / actor Tom Waits voice for Virgil, a terrifying jet black swallow playing a lead role in the story. Terry Gilliam, a founding member of Monty Python, plays a forester who fears death off the boshutje which he himself locked.

The Monster of Nix
The Monster of Nix is the most ambitious production Rosto so far. The development of international co-production has nearly six years to complete. Studio Rosto AD and coproducers Autour de Minuit (France) and Cinete (Belgium), the film made in collaboration with the AVRO and the French TV channel Canal +. The film is in English and turned both the Netherlands and Belgium in the movie.

The Monster of Nix is broadcast by the AVRO on 25 December 2012 (Christmas Day) at 15:00 am on Netherlands 2.

Studio Rosto A.D
Laurierstraat 107F
1016 PL Amsterdam
+31 [0] 20 4120 484

ABOUT Rosto / STUDIO Rosto A.D
Director / artist and his studio Rosto Rosto AD are known for music videos, television work and independent short films. The short film (the rise and fall of the legendary) Anglo Billy Feverson had its world premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival. This was followed by an impressive range of international festivals and was sophisticated recognition Rosto’s work.
The following short film Jonah / Tomberry, winner of the Grand Prix Canal + at the Cannes Film Festival 2005, was the final piece of the Mind My Gap trilogy. Mind My Gap began as an online graphic novel (still visible on, and grew into a mixed media project with music, print and movies.
Rosto’s next short film Lonely Bones goes in January 2013 at the Rotterdam Film Festival world premiere.

Independent productions

1999 Beheaded - 3.10 min
2000 Mind My Gap - Running Internet-series
2001 (The Rise and Fall of the Legendary) Anglobilly Feverson - 10 min.
2005 Jona/Tomberry - 12 min.
2006 Big White/Big Black - 4 min.
2009 Thee Wreckers: No Place Like Home – 6 min.

Rosto’s next short film Lonely Bones goes in January 2013 at the Rotterdam Film Festival world premiere.


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