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Hoping this will help me figure out how to do my future reviews sometime later. Sorry for the poor quality of the art.

So… just added this and I’m creeped out.

So… just added this and I’m creeped out.

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You know how Disney has sometimes made triptych posters for their live-action fantasy films? Fox ought to do one of those for Book of Life. One poster for each world, then put them together to form a single giant poster.

I’d like that. :)

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Two great tastes that, strangely, go well together: 

Wristcutters: A Love Story


Mystery Men

In both movies, Tom Waits shows up for roughly 15 minutes of screentime, assists the main characters, and holds an animal. 

teenybuffalo and I had a movie night, I decided to pair up two movies of mine she hadn’t seen yet, and chose them based on the “Tom Waits for 15 Minutes” scenes. Had it been a triple feature, Seven Psychopaths would also have been in there. Another time. 

You could also watch Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula.  That fits the requirements of your movie night.


some chara design done for a cancelled project

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